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Retail - Luxury Optical Holdings

A vision for luxurious production.

Luxury Optical Holdings is a leading retailer of ultra-luxury eyewear. With a word like “luxury” in its name, it was our job to extend that level of quality to every touch point, from packaging and labels to retail displays and interior/exterior signage. Pure collaborated directly with the client team on creative designs, estimates, prototypes, and managing vendors to bring it all to luxurious life.


Presentation is Everything

Pure developed every luxurious detail of packaging, including materials, design, interior printing, and even embossed circular decals to seal tissue paper wrapping. All to ensure a perfectly elegant product presentation.

Exterior Displays

Exquisitely Eye-Catching

First impressions mean everything. It’s why Luxury Optical Holdings chose Pure for window, door, and awning displays. Each is beautifully printed and perfectly placed to capture the eye of prospects and devoted customers.


High-End Displays

Interior displays ranged from stunning print to dynamic digital—all to match the look and feel of the high-end retailer.

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