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Production as critical as data.

605 is a tech company that offers media analysts a billion data points to better inform decisions. Its clients love data, but like everyone else, they also love swag. That’s where we came in. Pure partnered with COLLINS to showcase 605’s modern branding across apparel, notebooks, backpacks, and other premium products. Using our own set of data acquired through decades of experience, we ensured that every step of production—from sourcing and managing vendors to prototyped materials and shipping—was handled efficiently and elegantly.


Stylish Giveaways

Data is meant to inform, but it also looks good on gear. Pure worked with 605 to bring its branding to shirts, backpacks, umbrellas, water bottles, and more, as giveaways for its staff and eventgoers.


Data as Design

Pure produced internal signage for 605, ensuring its sophisticated corporate identity came to life throughout its office space.


Elegant Print Solutions

Premium materials enhanced 605’s business cards, journals, and stationery to ensure an exceptional look and feel at every touch point.

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